A splash of water

September 14, 2016 | | Blog

The transient nature of water is a feature to be considered in your landscape design and of course pool design. The cleansing feeling of that first dive in your pool under water, to the soothing sounds of a trickling water feature, this natural element can bring so much to your garden. Housing fish, feeding birds, cooling us down, soothing our busy minds… let’s bring water into the spotlight as without out it, where would we be?

Photos pictured above;
1. Bathe your troubles away in this sanctuary. Pool design surrounded with natural hard surfaces of timber, stone, walls to create foundations that will last the distance of time, the fluidity of water balances the feel by bringing softness, the yin to the yang. Don’t feel like a swim? Well choose to cool down your feet by walking across the semi submerged bluestone steppers, or sink into the elevated spa. White tiles were chosen to keep a clear and clean look against the contrasting colour of surrounding materials.
2. Room for the family in this large pool and spa. We used white pool tiles to enhance the colour of the water as it reflects the sky and surrounds. Clear, calming, still water, until the kids jump in, fun for all!
3. Nestled next to the pool house, you’ll experience a natural rock water feature which provides soothing trickling sounds as you relax on the outdoor lounge. Fish were considered, however the dog disagreed.
4. Looking out from your indoor living space, this central water feature will draw your attention. Using natural stack stone to house the feature bowl, birds have been known to drop in for a drink from time to time.
5. A waterfall in your backyard! A powerful stream of water pours out of this natural looking water feature. An antidote to a busy mind, with the sounds of water being louder than your thoughts!
There is many different shapes and forms of how water can be held in your home or garden. We customs design our pools and water features to seamlessly feature in our gardens. An aid to relaxation and much more, it’s water that can go around any obstacles… a piece on waterproofing to come.