Why we do what we do

Life in the city has been rapidly changing. Downsizing of land, longer working hours, more commuting, changes that impact our life a great deal and not necessarily for the better! This represents part of the motivation at the core of our business vision.

Our purpose is to enhance people’s lifestyle again by creating spaces to unwind and enjoy life. Each design is uniquely created to suit the client’s lifestyle requirements and to add value to their lives. Our designs incorporate luxury, to entice spending more time outdoors relaxing and enjoying the abundance that has been worked hard for, promoting connection and balance. Strategically using nature and its’ elements to provide an environment that fills all the 5 senses, so the garden sanctuary serves as an antidote to our busy lives.

Imagine having a backyard that requires low maintenance, looks like a piece of artwork out your kitchen window, has the functionality to serve all of your family and guests, is inviting to use through all of Melbourne’s seasons, and instantly transports you to a relaxed and uplifted state.

How we do it

Quality not quantity. We are strategically a boutique company. Our focus is on delivering high quality designs and finishes, so therefore we are very selective of the number of projects we take on.

Continuous learning. With our ever evolving world and environment, we believe it is vital to stay up to date with the latest research of environmental factors to ensure the materials used serve appropriately. To continue the study of sustainable building practices and work within current regulations and trends.

Passion. We LOVE what we do.
“Pleasure in the job, puts perfection in the work” Aristotle

Innovation. Leading the industry through independent thinking, experience & study, embracing world & environmental change, and life inquiry.