Feature Consultant

Plants are an important part of the landscape… where would the world be without them! Our carbon dioxide converting friends not only grace us with food and oxygen, but assist in making the world prettier! You may have some particular plants or trees you would like to see featured in your garden which can be discussed in depth. Bayon Gardens has a wealth of knowledge in horticulture and can design a full planting schedule based on your likes, the environmental concerns of the area and to marry in with the hardscape design. A simple way to give your space a quick makeover.

Lighting up your life. As we spend a lot of our daylight hours at work or away from the home, it is essential to get the most out of your space once the sun has gone down. We can design a full lighting schedule for your outdoor space, enhancing the beauty and appeal of your garden and its features into the night. Strategic lighting can be a piece of art in itself, brightening up your mood.

Artwork and sculptures in the garden add design flare and create points of discussion. We have a range of suppliers that provide a large range of beautiful artwork and sculptures suitable for outdoors. We also work closely with a talented Melbourne Street Artist for impressive wall murals.

Water features are a popular way to create instant tranquillity. Bayon Gardens design and build water features from scratch, so the feature is uniquely designed and built to your space. Being a focal point of any space, water in the garden can create a soothing ambience, having a natural stress relief effect. The perfect medicine for a modern-day busy life!

Project Management

With a strength in communication and planning, Bayon Gardens has a project management service to manage all of your trades while your design is coming to life. We provide the service of project management if you have chosen a different landscape company to build our design. We are happy to offer this service so the desired outcome of the design is achieved and so the whole process is smooth for you. We believe the ‘PM’ in project management also equally stands for people management. There are all sorts of contractors working on landscapes, some of those including landscapers, carpenters, renderers, pavers, electricians, plumbers, not to mention engineers and surveyors when required! Building sites have a range of headaches that pop up over the duration of the works, our problem solving skills and management expertise allow us to smooth out any bumps along the way and coordinate the entire process, relieving you of added stress and allowing you to get on with your life.