The Company

Welcome to Bayon Gardens, a boutique landscape design and construction company serving Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. With our passion for creating breathtaking landscapes, we draw inspiration from a fusion of modern, traditional, and old-world garden designs, resulting in captivating outdoor spaces filled with beauty and tranquility.

At Bayon Gardens, we believe in harmonizing the natural elements to achieve a balanced flow within your landscape design. Our preference for natural materials, such as stone, timber, and water features, ensures an organic aesthetic that seamlessly integrates with the surroundings. Through our strong foundation in construction skills, our garden designs not only captivate visually but are also functional, enhancing your lifestyle through outdoor living.

Our commitment to excellence has gained recognition in the industry, with our work being featured in renowned publications like Home Beautiful, Outdoor Design & Living, Outdoor Rooms, Backyard, and Australia’s Best Landscape & Garden Design. As a testament to our professionalism and expertise, Bayon Gardens proudly holds membership in Landscaping Victoria’s Master Landscapers and the Landscape Design Institute. Moreover, as a Registered Building Practitioner, we adhere to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

With Bayon Gardens, you’ll experience a personalized and collaborative approach to landscape design and construction. Our dedicated and highly experienced team works closely with clients throughout the entire process, ensuring your vision comes to life while delivering exceptional results. We take pride in not only creating unique gardens but also providing the highest level of customer service.

At Bayon Gardens, we go beyond being just a landscaping company. Our core values are rooted in ethics, strong customer relations, and sustainable practices. When you choose us, you’re not just getting a garden, but a tailored design that reflects your lifestyle, built to withstand the test of time.

Discover more about our meticulous design process and let us create the outdoor oasis you’ve always dreamed of.

The Founder

Bayon Gardens was founded in 2011 by Sean Dowling. Being exposed to the world of hospitality as a chef in his younger years, Sean learned strong work ethic, attention to detail, the importance of customer service and how to establish tight and tidy systems for the team to soar. At a turning point, Sean decided to take a big career change, searching for a better lifestyle and a trade he loved. Being a lifestyle advocate with a natural creative flair, he was drawn to landscaping. He started from the ground up with building fundamentals, working through industry qualifications, achieving the experience and knowledge to pass the strict examinations of the building commission for registration and continued to study for his qualification in landscape design, enhancing his natural creative flair.

Sean worked for many years with some of the best landscape design & construction teams, where he made a network of established and reputable designers, contractors and tradespeople. Sean is a registered building practitioner and a member of Landscaping Victoria and the Landscape Design Institute. Believing in continuous education and a progressive world, he continues to study in specialised areas of design.

Inspired to create a reputable, leading edge landscape design & construction business with tightly run systems and a strong focus on customer service and satisfaction, Sean had a clear vision with adequate planning when founding the company. He has a passion for using natural elements in his designs, hence the influence of the monument ‘Bayon’.

Sean and his wife travelled to Cambodia in 2010 where they came across the Bayon within ‘Angkor Wat’. This ancient wonder which has lasted for centuries was overgrown by the jungle, it showed hardiness and beauty through natural elements and craftsmanship. It was clear that the following year when the business was established, that the ‘Bayon’ would be a strong influence of the workmanship standard. Creating natural beauty that will last the distance of time, and therefore generating the business name ‘Bayon Gardens where nature meets stone’.

Since opening in 2011, Bayon has had much success in the media, being published in boutique landscape design magazines and winning multiple awards through different online platforms and industry associations. Sean has built gardens all over Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula, and his burning passion for design is only getting stronger. Keeping the core values of the company shining through, the Bayon team volunteered their services in Borneo. Contributing to replanting and maintaining ex-logging and palm oil sites, vital work for the future of the animals in the Borneo jungle, including the Orang-utan. Hear more about our journey.

The Crew

Behind every one of our unique creations is our team of dedicated and hardworking staff. Without our crew, visions would only remain visions.

All of our construction crew are qualified landscapers or undertaking a landscape construction apprenticeship. Over in the design studio, we have our creative team all qualified in design, working together to ensure the fine details of our designs are portrayed on our plans, ready for the vision to come to life. It’s all in the details! And that is why our back end is covered by our admin guru! All things admin, including the important necessities of contracts, variations, insurances, finances and day to day communication is clear and prompt. And lets not forget our 4 legged friend, retired from excavating on site now, but continues his bin inspections and crew appreciation from the office.

Each and every crew member work together to continue their training always striving for growth and development. The core of our company culture promotes integrity and honesty to ensure the only tradesmen we bring onto your property are one of us, through and through! If you are part of our crew, you are part of our family.

Our crew simply love what they do, which means our systems and processes are a breeze for you. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey of your project from start to end.

If you are interested in joining the Bayon crew, please send us an email.