Bayon’s work in the Jungle of Borneo

September 12, 2014 | | Blog

From domestic Landscaping in Melbourne to leech infested tropical Jungle planting! Talk about extremes.

Team Bayon has just returned from a hard but rewarding working trip in Borneo. We teamed up with ‘APE Malaysia’ (Animal protection and environmental education) in their project to replant areas of the forest that have been previously destroyed by logging and palm oil plantations. By replanting these areas with the correct species of trees, it focuses on reconnecting fragmented forest, establishing a continuous corridor for the diverse flora and fauna of this unique rainforest floodplain, which includes our precious Orang-utans.

Hot and humid days, lead to many sweaty moments as we planted many trees and also helped maintain previous planting sites from the strangling and fast growing weeds of the jungle. We also did work within the nursery. Fortunately for us it wasn’t all work work work. We visited the infamous Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre where we were inspired by the selfless work being undertook in the name of the Orang-utan.

For more information, please see the link below. We also integrated amongst the village people in a tiny river village called Sakau. We followed their huge and memorising smiles into their homes to try the delicious local food (they can make the Durian fruit taste good!), we participated in a school program with 3-4 year olds and learnt the art of prawn trap making by a local fisherman (who in return was given a year supplies of sustainable materials which wouldn’t harm the forest).

The trip would not have been the same without the expertise of Mark Benedict from APE Malaysia, who devotes his time and knowledge away from his family for this vital cause. Mark lead our work and educated us on everything from the history of Borneo Malaysia, to environmental and sustainability issues and the local people to name just a bit. The inspiration from such passionate people is endless.

We are back and more inspired then ever.

For more information on where we visited:

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Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre
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