Welcome home

June 18, 2017 | | Blog

The first impression for your guests on entry and the warmest greeting home, your front entrance has the potential to turn heads in admiration and lift moods on entry, setting the tone for your home life. 

An inviting pathway home, selecting a material to compliment the house is vital to set the tone. Garden lighting shines your way of an evening and a careful selection of plants and garden bed configurations bring the space together. Trees can be used to create privacy, enhance pathways and provide gorgeous views from inside the home looking out, not to mention shade, fragrance and potentially even edibles. A driveway can be incorporated into the front yard landscape design so the area is treated as a whole. Depending on whether your block is flat or has a slope, raised planters and steppers can be utilised to create or maximise levels. Below is a selection of our front yard designs tailored specifically to suit the home and clients’ requirements.

As they say, home is where the heart is. Draw inspiration for a stunning front yard entry to welcome you home each day with a full heart.